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BIM 360 Field Release Notes Archive

Product Spotlight: Control access to issues using filters in BIM 360 Field

Krystian Macek
May 22, 2017

Filters allow Project Admins to isolate role-specific or company-specific data, and provide access only to those who need it.  You can refine issues, checklists, equipment and tasks using filters.  Use filter options in reports, knowing that each role will only be able to report on issues relevant to them. And push filters from BIM 360 Field web to mobile, for fast access to relevant data. 



  • Control access to subsets of information: delivering the right information to the right person
  • No background noise: your project team download only the information they need to their ipad
  • Streamlined reporting: restrict reporting to role-specific data

Check out the video for details of how to work with issue filters.

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