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BIM 360 Field Release Notes Archive

Product Spotlight: Optimize your BIM 360 Field mobile app experience!

Krystian Macek
June 20, 2017



  1. Download project data as you need it. Sync what you need, when you need it. This means you don’t wait longer than necessary to begin viewing project data. Control what you download in Sync settings > Download.
  1. Download attachments separately from data. If you don’t need to see attachments immediately, you can always download them later! In Settings, scroll to BIM 360 Field, and select Download attachments separately from data.
  1. Delete project data. If you have several projects on the go, it is easy to max out the iPad’s storage capacity limits. The answer is to remove unnecessary project data. First, make sure your project does not have any un-synced local data, then go to:  Sync Settings > Select Delete Project Data, find the project you would like to delete and tap Done, then Sync.  If you find you need it again afterwards, it’s easy to sync that particular project and reinstate it.
  1. Optimize photo quality. It is not always necessary to take the highest quality photos. Optimizing  their quality means reducing their file size and so frees up more space, without hugely compromising the clarity. In settings, go to BIM 360 Field, and in Photo Quality, change from highest to medium or small. 


Check out the video below to start working more efficiently on your BIM 360 Field mobile app.

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Krystian Macek


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  1. Avatarcgould



    Yes, very helpful, we need more detailed videos like this…

  2. Avataroyin.dinyo



    This was very useful

    Are you looking to be able to filter information by time it was produced. This will be particularly useful for those managing multiple projects.