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BIM 360 Field Release Notes Archive

Web Release: Custom Equipment Statuses, Linking Items, and More!

Krystian Macek
February 16, 2017

Included in this Release

  • Redesigned Equipment Types and Status Setup
  • Manage Equipment Category Access by Company
  • Link Groups of Issues or Tasks or Equipment
  • New Daily Updates Account Level Labor Activity Report

Redesigned Equipment Types and Status Setup

Project Admins are now able to create custom status sets for equipment and associate these sets with custom equipment categories to allow for improved equipment categorization.

Overview video of Equipment permissions and status options changes:

Equipment Categories/Types & Associated Status Sets:

Equipment Types.JPG 

Equipment Status Sets:

Equipment Statuses.JPG

Manage Equipment Category Access by Company

Equipment Types by Company.JPG

Link Groups of Issues or Tasks or Equipment

The new linking feature allows you to create an association between two or more issues, tasks, or equipment to help you bring visibility and track progress across multiple items from the same module.

For example, imagine you have a drywall subcontractor who needs to patch a hole and a painting subcontractor who needs to paint it afterwards.  These are tracked as two separate issues in Field:  Patch drywall issue 0035 and Paint wall issue 0034. With this new functionality, project users can now link them together since they are interdependent:

  1. Go to issues list
  2. Select both issues
  3. Click More Actions
  4. Click Link Issues menu item


All selected issues will now be linked together.  When either issue details are viewed, users now have quick visibility to all related issues and their status.


Link Related Equipment or Tasks

This linking functionality also applies to the Equipment and Tasks modules.  Project users with access to equipment can now link two or more equipment records together to help monitor the progress of related equipment.  Linking multiple tasks to one another is also now a reality.

Linking Equipment:

Link related equipment items.png

Linked Equipment (iPad):

 Related equipment.jpg

Linked Equipment (iPad):

 Related equipment view list.PNG

New Daily Updates Account Level Labor Activity Report

Summarize all labor activity across your account with this new Daily Updates report.  

  • Cross project Daily Updates labor activities export in XLS/CSV format
  • Includes date, company, author, workers, total hours, and activity

Labor Activity Report.JPG

What’s next?

  • Dutch language support on web
  • Standard subcontractor role
    • Ability for subs to create checklists
    • Access equipment
    • Ability to create project issues

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Krystian Macek


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  1. Avatarsbousleiman_newlinestructures_com



    Great update! It would also be great to have the Manage Equipment Category Access by Company functionality available similarly on Issues and Checklists.

  2. Avatarkrystian.macek



    @kenny.e.ermann Status of related issues, equipment and task items is now available on both web and mobile.  Thank you for your feedback!

    Krystian Macek

    BIM 360 Field Product Manager

  3. Avatarmlanjouw



    It would be great to be able to set to the linked issues in the correct order…. first fix the damaged wall, then the painter needs to repaint the wall…. Then the functionality will be perfect!!!

  4. Avatarcody.austin



    Would be great if we could bulk link issues/tasks/equipment using Excel import.

  5. Avatarderek_geyer_bbesl_com



    To Rowan O’Neill, subcontractors can create checklists via tasks. Cheers Derek.

  6. AvatarRowan.ONeill



    The Account level diaries report looks good and will simplify the monthly reporting – excellent job! Looking forward to the subcontractors being able to create checklists.

  7. Avatarcjcook



    While I have not tested this. This looks exactly like what we have been waiting on for years now. Keep up the good work!

  8. Avatardjc1984



    Have been waiting for this update. Thanks!

  9. Avatarkenny.e.ermann



    This is a fantastic update! One great improvement would be to show the current status of related equipment. For example, if an air handler has a chiller and a panel associated to it, it would be great to be able to easily see the status of these items without having to open each one. We’re often times out in the field talking about the startup of an item and it’s always a pain to see the status of related “upstream” equipment. 

    Also, it would be really helpful to be able to tag the links as “upstream” or “downstream”. One thing we’re looking to do is bring our equipment into Tableau as an org chart/riser diagram to allow team members to visualize where we stand in the equipment commissioning process. These links are a step in the right direction, but won’t really allow us to create a true relationship.