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BIM 360 Field Release Notes Archive

Web release: Equipment Import and Tasks checklists improvements

Krystian Macek
March 15, 2017

Our latest release includes improvements to Equipment import and Task’s Checklist grid.  During Equipment import using xls files, custom fields for specific equipment types are now associated with that equipment type as opposed to All Types.  Checklists linked to Tasks now show additional properties in the Task’s Checklist grid including # Issue, Status, Company, Location, Author, and Description. 

Equipment import and custom properties

XLS Equipment import with custom fields now organizes­ the respective fields under that equipment type as opposed to under “All Types”

Additional checklist properties in Tasks > Checklist grid

List of checklists associated with a task now show additional information in the grid, including: # Issue, Status, Company, Location, Author, Description

Task checklists new columns.png

Coming Soon:

  • Issue history now available in standard issue reports

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Krystian Macek


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  1. Avatarfpensa



    Apparently this (history in reporting) still has to be implemented (it is in the report Issue details description, but not working)… any news on this matter?

  2. Avatarisaac.cb



    I previously opened a ticket with support for this issue, as the option was made available… but was not working. The only thing they did with my ticket is to remove the option to print history on the web page as it was not working!

    I imagine that we will never get this to work…

  3. Avatarmhurley



    Has the ability to print issue history in reports been added?  I see the discussion that led to this update, but am not finding the ability to have isse history included in reports.