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BIM 360 Field Release Notes Archive

Web release: Link issues and checklists to equipment and more!

Krystian Macek
June 10, 2016

Field Web release

Project Administrators can now link existing issues to equipment and tasks as well as link existing checklists to equipment

This functionality is especially helpful when cleaning up stand-alone issues, allowing admins to re-link them to corresponding equipment.  Additionally admins can assign an existing issue to a task for work to be completed.  New feature includes the ability to:

  • Link existing issue to equipment
  • Link existing issue to a task
  • Link existing issue to multiple tasks
  • Link existing checklist to equipment

When an issue or checklist is linked to another object, it is automatically assigned the same location as the parent object.  All users will now be able to view existing source information within the issue and checklist as well as in corresponding issue and checklist grids.

Where do I see it?

As project admin go to BIM 360 Field web > Issues > open an issue > under Source, click Link Task or Link Equipment.

As project admin go to BIM 360 Field web > Checklists > open a checklist > under Source, click Link Equipment


To view source information in the issue or checklist grid, go to BIM 360 Field web > Issues > More Actions > Customize View > check Source column


New Source column in issue and checklist grid


Krystian Macek


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  1. Avatarj.montebon



    Hello All,

    I have a case wherein I am supposed to link a checklist to more than one equipment. Seems this is not allowed. Does anyone have the same situation?


  2. Avatarkrystian.macek



    Thank you all for your feedback!  We are continuing to investigate the possibility for non admin users to have access to link issues to equipment.  On a side note, linking multiple issues to equipment is currently avaialble by selecting multiple issues, go to More Actions menu, and select Link Equipment.

    Krystian Macek

    BIM 360 Field Product Manager

  3. Avatarmolamphyd



    And be able to link in bulk and not one by one by one.

  4. Avatarfinn.mcdonagh



    just to follow up on jonathanroy8676 comment, this would be a very useful tool if users who were document managers had the permission to link checklist & issues to equipment and not just project admin. As a project admin on our current project, it can be quite time consuming for myself and my colleague having to link equipment. 

    has there been any update from the development team on this query?



  5. Avatardavid.molamphy



    or role specific.

  6. Avatardavid.molamphy



    Totally agree need to have the ability to deploy to more than the Admin Role, might be project specific.

  7. Avatarjonathanroy8676



    This is a really nice feature! (I’m just starting to work with Field on a project and I’m admin on a Beta project)

    1. Why is this only available for admins?
      1. I’m a user on a project and would like to link a Task (Reminder) I created to an existing issue and I’m not able to since the Source’s link option isn’t there. So I’d have to call the project admin to he can link the two together… Am I thinking about this the wrong way or not considering possible problems down the road? I find the feature wonderful but wondering how this is going to increase the admins workload considerably. Maybe the admin can assign certain people with this right thru Roles and Filters? 

    Thanks and keep up the good work,