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BIM 360 Field Release Notes Archive

Web release: New checklist cross project report & link multiple issues

Krystian Macek
November 3, 2016

Checklist Details by Project Report

The new cross project report provides visibility into cross project data as related to specific checklist templates.  For example, let’s say you have a standardized safety checklist template across all of your projects.  Running the Checklist Details by Project report for that template will show you how many times that checklist was filled out on every project on your account.  Additionally, you can see which checklist questions or items generated safety issues.  The new report is only available to project and account administrators in CSV and XLS format.

Checklist Details by Project report.jpg

Link multiple issues or checklists to equipment and tasks

Project administrators already have a way to link single issues or checklists to equipment and tasks. By popular demand, we are improving this functionality to allow project admins to link multiple objects at a time.  New feature includes the ability to:

  • Link multiple issues to tasks and equipment
  • Link multiple checklists to equipment

Link multiple issues to equipment.png

Set print areas in Daily Update attachments

When attaching floor plans or photos to Daily Updates, users now have the ability to set a print area that will crop the attachments within the Daily Update reports.

Set Daily Update print area.pngDaily Update report attachment.png

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Krystian Macek

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  1. Avatarddixon



    The new report “Issue counts by project” in the checklist reporting sections looks great. Can we have the “Issue counts by project” in the Issues reporting section? Also, please include the “Details by Project” into the issues reporting section as well if possible.