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GRAITEC Unveils New Range of Revit Reinforced Concrete Extensions

Tomasz Fudala
December 9, 2014

Autodesk University is the ideal event to experience inspirational seminars on everything related to design and engineering.
This year GRAITEC introduced their new range of powerful Revit extensions, called Advance BIM Designers - this solution focuses on better connecting reinforced concrete design and detailing workflows in Revit.

Industry Challenge:
As structural engineers and detailers look to collaborate in new ways, one remaining gap is in the transfer of the structural design intent to the detailer. Despite the integration of structural analysis software with BIM, a large number of code-based design decisions are still communicated through sketches or marked up drawings. This is because many engineers use object-level design tools or even spreadsheets to perform their structural design and these tools are not connected to the BIM workflow. This disconnect takes extra work to coordinate and is not very reliable.

Workflow Solution:
However structural analysis and design partners like GRAITEC are changing the story by driving 3D rebar modeling in Revit from the structural design. With the 3D rebar automated from the design, detailers can detail the rebar more quickly and accurately to produce well-coordinated shop drawings, CNC output and 3D models to be used in the field.

GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers combine analysis, intuitive modeling and automatic drawing and report creation directly from within the Revit environment. The power to automate and control complex manual design-based processes, bridges the ‘analytical and detailed model data-sharing’ gap between engineers and designers. GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers represent the core BIM concept of a ‘single-model’ approach and are set to lead the next-generation of BIM software applications for automation, design optimization and complete interoperability.
Read more.


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Tomasz Fudala

Tomasz Fudala is the Technical Marketing Manager for Structure. He has over 17 years of experience in the software industry and a comprehensive background and vast knowledge of structural solutions in the Autodesk portfolio. With a Structural Engineering background he is responsible for technical sales readiness. He achieved a Master of Science degree in Structural Engineering from the Cracow University of Technology, Poland. Find him on Twitter @tomekf


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  1. AvatarVictor



    This looks like an interesting tool, where can you download it (Purchase or try)? I was searching on Graitec´s web site but I did not find it there.
    Also is there going to be a similar software for steel structures?.

  2. AvatarTuxnator



    If the computer itself or software has “intuitive modelling”, they why do we need people? I do not see the precision of BIM ever being exactly correct reflection of nature. But, close in the generic genetics modified realms by natural life itself. We are are doing is leaving a footprint for future generations to follow. If we do not put actual intelligence behind the thought, from personal experience in of any form then, we might as well just fill those footprints with swamp water for our future generates to bathe in.
    My advice is over build the design now,do not build to edge of limits of what we as a collect have come to know…For my fathers worked in of the dirt. While I see children being afraid of it.