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BIM and Beam

Now you can define more accurate reinforcement for non-standard concrete element shapes by fitting rebar for non-standard geometry with rebar sets that vary along inclined faces.

Variable Rebar Distribution

Because the varying rebar set is dependent on a constraint, the varying distribution follows that path. In polygons with non-perpendicular sides, this may require two or more sets to fill the host.

You can use multi-rebar annotations, customizable numbering settings, and more accurate schedules that display varying lengths.

Multi-rebar annotations

When you place a rebar set with varying distribution, you can assign the numbering patterns in the Varying Rebar Set section of the Reinforcement Settings dialog.

Varying Rebar Set

Number bars individually – Each rebar in the set will be assigned a number. Similar rebar will be matched throughout the project, adhering to the rebar numbering conventions.
Number bars as a whole – Each rebar in the set will have the same number. Each rebar is then differentiated by a specified suffix number.

Number bars as a whole

This increases 3D rebar modeling versatility and helps you to define the accurate reinforcement for non-standard shapes of concrete elements.

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