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BIM and Beam

Fabric Sheets provide the model representation for welded wire fabrics typically used in concrete slab and sometimes wall construction.

Reinforcement Panel

Fabric sheets are typically created in a pattern which results in welded wire sheets overlapping each other to provide continuity of load transfer from one sheet to the next. Sheets may be in one or more layers within a concrete element.
Fabric Sheets are typically specified by a grid spacing and a wire size for each direction. For example: 6×6 – W2.9/W2.9 in US Imperial units (or 152×152-MW18.7/MW18.7 in SI units) would be interpreted as a grid of wires at 6″ on center with a wire area of 2.9 hundredths of an inch squared (0.029 sq-in). In Revit, these sheets are represented as Revit System Families called Fabric Sheets which reference wires as Revit System Families called Fabric Wire.

Revit Structural Fabric Reinforcement Families

In Revit 2017 when placing fabric reinforcement sheets, you can now sketch bent sheets to accommodate different shapes of concrete hosts. You can later edit them to adjust to any change.

Bent Fabric Sheet Reinforcement

Bent Fabric Sheet Reinforcement

This gives you more accurate and completed detailing and documentation of structural elements.

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