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BIM and Beam

Join Autodesk and featured speaker David Weaver, Senior Project Manager for Crossroads Detailing (subsidiary of Mold-Tek Technologies), as he explores how steel fabricators are adapting their business strategies to remain relevant in today’s dynamic construction industry. In this BIM webcast, participants will learn:

  • Cutting edge technologies are available in the steel industry to increase steel fabrication production through 4D planning and 3D model coordination.
  • Work processes needed to effectively manage project change while driving production. Looking at how shops are now going from paper drawings to 3D models on an iPad.
  • Real world examples for measuring the ROI when implementing new production technology

BIM Webcast Details

Speakers: David Weaver, Senior Project Manager for Crossroads Detailing (subsidiary of Mold-Tek Technologies); Michael Gustafson, PE, Autodesk


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Vanessa Bertollini

Vanessa Bertollini is the industry marketing manager for AEC thought leadership at Autodesk. She has over 10 years of experience implementing strategic marketing initiatives for the AEC industry, and prior to joining Autodesk worked for a national general contractor driving their regional marketing strategy. A San Francisco bay area resident, Vanessa holds a master's degree in sociology and undergraduate degrees in English and Theatre Arts.