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BIM and Beam

Learn how to realize the power of Dynamo for your steel frames in this Dynamo Advance Steel tutorial

Last year we released the new Dynamo Extension for Advance Steel that allows you to drive the geometry and behavior of Advance Steel elements from Dynamo. In this Dynamo Advance Steel tutorial I show users how to make a basic portal frame structure within Dynamo and have Advance Steel model the structure from the script. When the script changes, then the model changes. A bonus is that, when you add a connection to any of the joints, they will adapt if you resize the structure from the nodes inside Dynamo. Learn more by watching the tutorial:

If you haven’t yet downloaded the new Dynamo Extension for Advance Steel, read this post to learn how.

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Tomislav Golubovic

Tomislav is one of the Senior Technical Specialist at Autodesk Australia. With over 20 years experience in industry, Tomislav talks to current and prospective Autodesk customers about improving their workflows and processes with Autodesk software and technology


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  1. AvatarandreduarteAL3S4



    Hello Tomislav!
    Thanks for the introduction to dynamo. How do you connect the beam frame in the x and y direction?

    1. Tomislav GolubovicTomislav Golubovic (Post author)



      You’re welcome! Let me make another video and demonstrate the procedure