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BIM and Beam

Advance Steel, Robot Structural Analysis, and Revit Live come to Autodesk’s AEC Collection at no additional cost

Vanessa Bertollini
September 7, 2017

Now you can access a powerful set of tools for design, analysis, detailing and fabrication in one easy subscription.

We have some exciting news for structural professionals that subscribe to the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection. Starting today, we’ve made some significant additions to the AEC Collection software portfolio that support the next generation of BIM—and Revit-based—workflows for building and infrastructure projects from design through preconstruction.

A Year in Perspective

Last year Autodesk moved to address your challenges by launching the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection as a better way for you to access the software you need for your structural projects. Our intent was to give you a powerful set of integrated BIM tools so you could be effective in your projects now, and to easily equip you with the tools needed to be proactive about what the future of designing and building has in store. With a collection including Revit, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Navisworks Manage, and 3ds Max, we provided a core set of essential tools needed to make any building or infrastructure project, large or small.

Motivation Behind Today’s Big News

However, we’ve seen a change in expectations from our customers in recent months—especially our structural customers. You’ve told us that it’s expensive to try new software in order to adapt to a changing structural landscape. Specifically, you’ve told us loud and clear that BIM-based visualization, structural analysis and fabrication capabilities have moved from “nice to have” to “must have” to implement the BIM workflows you need to stay competitive.

We Heard You!

Starting today, we’re expanding the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection with additional tools that extend its current capabilities to support structural design through preconstruction. With these additions, and with no price change, it will be easier for you to access and implement the powerful BIM workflows you need—when you need them—by subscribing to the AEC Collection.

AEC Collection Update

What’s New

Here are some highlights of what we’re adding to the AEC Collection and what these changes need for structural professionals.

  • In the new Collection, you’ll find Revit Live. Revit Live allows you to visualize your Revit steel and concrete models by turning them into immersive visual experiences. You can even take your designs into a virtual reality environment—in just two clicks of your mouse.
  • You can now access computational design software in a greater way.  Dynamo Studio standalone programming environment can help solve challenges faster by exploring more design options and automating routine workflows of your structural designs.
  • Also included is world-class structural analysis and design Robot Structural Analysis Professional and Structural Bridge Design which work with Revit to extend your capabilities to perform structural analysis for both buildings and bridges.  These two solutions, along with Structural Analysis for Revit, can all integrate structural analysis and design with BIM to help increase productivity for structural engineers.
  • Finally, the AEC Collection now extends capabilities from structural design to fabrication. Interoperable with Revit and Navisworks, we’ve added Advance Steel to the Collection so you can conceive, model and fabricate better structural steel systems on an integrated platform. With Revit already being used to do rebar and precast detailing, structural engineers and detailers now have access to a complete set of tools for BIM-based structural design to detailing for concrete and steel.

If you want to get a feel for what structural engineers can do with the new version of the collection, check out this video that describes the workflows you now have access to.

What’s next?

For more information on what’s available in the AEC Collection, go here:

Did you know that it’s also Revit’s birthday? You might enjoy reading Sylvia’s post on today’s announcement and what it means for Revit users too:

And finally, if you’re a subscriber already, simply log into your My Account page to access the new software described here, and start trying out the new structural workflows that the Collection supports.

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Vanessa Bertollini

Vanessa Bertollini is the industry marketing manager for AEC thought leadership at Autodesk. She has over 10 years of experience implementing strategic marketing initiatives for the AEC industry, and prior to joining Autodesk worked for a national general contractor driving their regional marketing strategy. A San Francisco bay area resident, Vanessa holds a master's degree in sociology and undergraduate degrees in English and Theatre Arts.


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    Quid for the people who are actually having a Building Design Suite under subscription and passing to the AEC Collection at the upcoming expiry date ?

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      you can contact your reseller. He will explain what the best for you.
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