Community Conversations

September 28, 2021

1 min read

Hello! Have you heard about our Community Conversations series?

Community Conversations are new live, virtual meetups for people to share expertise, get to know leaders in their field, and grow their community network. The speakers will be for these may be Autodesk employees, customers, partners, or students. You’ll hear from someone with special expertise on the selected topic, have a chance to ask questions live and get to know fellow participants who share your interests.
The sessions are always supported by Autodesk Community Managers, such as me, to help guide conversation, feed important insights back from the community to Autodesk and support participants in getting connected to the expertise you need. The format is very open and relaxed, and sometimes the discussion gets downright crazy!
Stay tuned to this site for announcements and more information on upcoming events. Don’t miss this great series, I can tell you from experience they are fun and very informative!
Take a look at the calendar of upcoming Conversations and click the “Attending” button if you would like to sign up to join one. If you think you have a great topic idea and would like to lead one of these sessions, there is a form you can use to sign up for that as well. All these events are recorded as well, and recordings can be found on the Past Events tab of the calendar. Check them out!

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