Meet Chris Benner, Industry Community Manager

Christopher Benner Christopher Benner September 28, 2021

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Hey! My name is Chris Benner, and I am the Industry Community Manager for Product Design & Manufacturing. I have been a mechanical designer and drafter for more than 20 years, using Autodesk products for most of that time. I was inducted into the first class of Autodesk Expert Elites at Autodesk University 2012 and have been active on the Autodesk discussion forums and social media for many years. I have been a speaker at Autodesk University several times, including a trip to Moscow in 2014 to speak at AU Russia. I have been active in both the Inventor and Vault Beta programs and have actively worked with those product teams to improve and troubleshoot those programs. My specialties have been Inventor Tube & Pipe, and Vault Professional.  Lately I have been playing around with Fusion 360 to learn at least some of the basics, so I know what people are talking about.

Outside of my CAD work and role as Community Manager, I am also an amateur photographer and photo artist, and I enjoy reading, music and singing. My wife and I enjoy traveling, and I also enjoy taking excursions with my grown daughter. The three of us are big movie fans, especially Star Wars, Harry Potter and anything Marvel…. Yes, we’re all big geeks.

The PD&M Community has several great resources already available for you, and we are always looking for more ways to serve our community.  These resources are here for you to take advantage of… make new connections, start new conversations, or participate in existing discussions, and find help with the products you are using.  Here are some of them:

You may also want to follow the Community on Twitter – @ADSKCommunity, and my personal Twitter – @CGBenner

Stay tuned here for more great content, and meanwhile… I’ll see you in the Community!

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