Autodesk Student Group Hub – Join Us!

Amanda Kinley Amanda Kinley November 4, 2021

1 min read

Did you know that Autodesk now has a Student Group Hub? The Autodesk Student Group hub is a private group that is open to post-secondary, college, or university students only. If this sounds interesting to you, read a little further to learn more!

Autodesk Student Group Hub

Although the Autodesk Student Group Hub (SGH) is relatively new, we’ve already built a thriving community of students and mentors. We officially launched in the last week of July, 2021 and currently have almost two thousand members, with lively conversations and demonstrations of great knowledge from the students happening every day.  One of the most popular threads, Share your Best Renders, has over 100 comments and renders shared on it, and gets updated reguarly. Make sure to stop in and share a render you’re proud of or want some feedback on!

Looking to make friends in your area, or with the same product / career aspirations as you? On the Introduce Yourself thread, students from all over the world connect and share professional contact information so you can network from within the SGH.

We’re not just about informational threads and networking though – the Student Group Hub also has live webinars / events to join (you can see past events hosted on our YouTube Channel, blog posts, questions and answers, and two more BIG items that are soon to be released. Make sure to join the Student Group Hub to stay up to date on those!

So, in conclusion – a helpful community, the chance to show off your awesome work, get help and advice on using the products, and some great surprises await you if you join the Student Group Hub! Hope to see you there- reach out to me with any questions.

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