Take part in new Community Challenges and Contests

Deborah Lilley
Deborah Lilley June 30, 2022 1 min read

We’re excited to share two new ways to get involved in Autodesk Community — Community Challenges and Community Contests.  

Community Challenges

Community Challenges are design activities that give you the opportunity to have fun, learn new skills, and connect with the Community. Submit an entry to a Challenge of your choice and your work will appear in the Challenge Gallery, where Community members can add comments and likes. Even if you don’t submit your own entry, you can still add comments and likes to entries by other members.  

Community Contests are skill-based design competitions that work just like Challenges, but with the opportunity to win prizes. To submit an entry to a Contest, you must be in the location where it is being hosted, but Community members from any location can like, comment, and vote on Contest entries.  

By entering Contests and Challenges, you’ll be able to build your Community Rank and earn new Community Badges. We’ll be posting new time-limited Challenges and Contests regularly – so make sure you subscribe (there’s a button on each page) to keep up to date.  

We hope you’ll join in and get creative, share your skills, learn something new, and have fun in the Community. 

Join a Challenge today 

You can find Challenges happening right now for various Autodesk products and in several languages. Take a look around and get involved!

And, let us know what you think about Challenges and Contests in the comments.  

Visit the Autodesk Community today!