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  • Upcoming Community Conversations

    Upcoming Community Conversations – Check out these topics!

    Our Autodesk Community Conversations are off to a great start this year, and we have an excellent lineup for you in the next few weeks. Take a look at these Upcoming Community Conversations topics that our expert speakers will be covering. Select the links to register! Thursday, February 10, 2022 at 12:00 pm EST. The […]

  • climate action planning

    How Can Leaders Do More for Climate Action Planning?

    It is essential for climate action planning to go above and beyond companies simply achieving carbon-neutral status. See the full article from Redshift at the link below! Source: How Can Leaders Do More for Climate Action Planning? Visit the Autodesk Community today! Home

  • Autodesk Community Voices

    Autodesk Community Voices Blog!

    Autodesk Community Voices – a new blog by the community, for the community. It’s your place to connect, share, and learn with the community. The blog will feature product tips, workflows, articles, updates, and more, all shared by members of Autodesk’s global community. We’re pleased to kick things off today with 4 great posts, including […]

  • Industry Groups

    Autodesk Community Industry Groups are now live on Facebook!

    We’re excited to announce the launch of two new industry groups on Facebook: the Autodesk Community Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Group and the Autodesk Community Product Design and Manufacturing Group. We hope you’ll join us there to connect, share, and learn about your favorite industry products, news, insights, tips, and more. Visit the Autodesk Community […]

  • 40 years

    40 Years Old – Lets have Some Fun and Tell Stories (Between the Lines)

    “Autodesk turns 40 years young on January 30, 2022 after being founded January 30th, 1982. To celebrate this momentous occasion the Autodesk Community will be sharing some of your stories and memorabilia over the years. There are very few technology companies that have reached the 40 year mark.” See the original post by selecting the link below. Source: […]

  • Autodesk Community Conversations are Back!

    First, thank you all for making our Autodesk Community Conversations such a success in 2021. We took a break at the end of the year and promised to come back better than ever. I am pleased to announce that we are back! We’ve got the Dynamo Duo looking into a host environment, and a couple […]

  • Industry Discussions

    Autodesk Industry Discussion Communities

    Those of you who are no stranger to our Community Forums know that they are a wonderful place to get questions answered about specific product related issues. Maybe you’re new to Autodesk Inventor, or have been using AutoCAD for a while but are learning a new workflow. The product forums are the best place to […]

  • Autodesk Community

    Year End Greetings from Autodesk Community!

    Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday Season and New Year 2022! Autodesk Community will be on a holiday break through January 3rd. Our Community forums are of course still open for your use, but you may not see us in there very much over the break. We look forward to seeing you all in […]

  • Community Member Spotlight

    Community Member Spotlight: Didier Aveline

    Repairing a Dam in Zambia, an exotic and unusual mission. Didier Aveline, chief topographer and AutoCAD and AutoLISP Expert Elite, tells us about his last mission in Africa on the site of one of the biggest dams in the world. When the brave Michel de Montaigne* wrote ” Traveling keeps you young”, he probably didn’t […]

  • 12月2日【直播预告】以随机渐变铺装图绘制为例,如何解决工作中遇到的特殊需求

    老话常说:他山之石,可以攻玉。现代社会,经验的积累与成功案例的借鉴都能提高我们工作的效率。作为设计软件的领导者,Autodesk 帮助许多设计者完成简单、高效的创造性工作。 为了帮助更多设计者将无限创想转变为新的现实,融合多种技术去应对挑战。Autodesk 特别策划了【欧特克专家精英课】,通过线上直播的方式将前沿的理念及实用的技巧分享给大家。2021年12月2日北京时间14:00-15:00,来自西安木玉泽景观规划设计有限公司的设计师、Autodesk Expert Elite 专家精英成员王磊先生(社区ID: @465340553 ),将为大家以随机渐变铺装图绘制为例,共同交流如何解决工作中遇到的特殊需求。实操展示如何分析问题并将问题逐步分解,如何使用自己熟悉的工具和方法来解决工作中遇到的问题。期望能与大家分享解决问题的方法和思路,而不是解决具体的问题。 本次直播将在欧特克Bilibili直播间进行。 立即访问 Autodesk 社区! 主页 Join this webinar (Chinese language) on Autodesk Bilibili featuring Wang Lei, one of our Civil 3D Expert Elite members from China, who will be talking about how to solve the special needs encountered at work using Random Geometric Gradient Paving Pattern as an example. Visit the […]