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  • Microclimate analysis allows for intuitive insights into perceived temperature

    Great outdoor spaces encourage public life, inviting people of all ages and backgrounds to meet, play and socialize. Perhaps they might stroll along a promenade, linger for coffee on a café terrace, or simply just hang out on seating steps and people-watch. Especially in an urban context, good outdoor public spaces are essential for improving people’s […]

  • Chicago skyline

    Interoperability workflow between Forma and Revit

    Forma and Autodesk AEC Collection subscribers can benefit from the interoperability feature between Forma and Revit. This add-in allows you to expedite the delivery of environmentally sound projects created in Forma using the powerful documentation features in Revit. The Forma Add-in for Revit allows users to transfer a proposal from Forma into Revit through the […]

  • Designing with energy efficiency in mind using Forma’s rapid operational energy analysis

    Autodesk Forma’s rapid operational energy analysis forms part of its powerful suite of sustainability solutions created for designers to lower the environmental impact of their buildings. This visual, easy-to-use tool shows predicted operational energy in real time, helping architects and urban planners design with energy efficiency in mind. The analysis allows designers to easily assess […]

  • Design a Better Future with Forma’s Suite of Sustainability Solutions 

    Cities consume more than two-thirds of the world’s energy and account for over 70% of global carbon emissions*. This means architects, real estate developers, and urban planners have an exceptional opportunity to mitigate the environmental impact of our cities by designing buildings and communities with sustainable outcomes in mind.  Sustainable outcomes are best achieved through a […]

  • Forma’s rapid wind analysis offers instant insights into wind conditions

    Analyzing wind conditions on your site are essential to avoid your buildings creating unwanted wind impacts, making outdoor spaces unpleasant and even hazardous for pedestrians and cyclists. Autodesk Forma’s rapid wind analysis makes this process even faster and more fluid. Rapid wind predicts wind conditions instantaneously, giving you an immediate indication of how your building […]