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Valves and Actuators: possible combinations, what works and what doesn’t work

February 2, 2017
    actuator  → 

 valvebody  ↓ 

catalog std catalog block catalog python 3D block
catalog std yes yes no yes
catalog block no yes no yes
catalog python no yes yes* no
custom std yes yes
custom block no no

Some explainations:

“custom” means custom part from the custom part dialog that you can open from the dynamic piping tool palette (the button on top)

“3D block” means that you go to the “operator” property of the valve and define an actuator manually, either from the same file or selecting it from another project file.

Catalog blocks for actuators are working in the most cases. If you did already create your python scripts for actuators and now realize that they are good for nothing, please take a look at this article, it will show you how to at least make blocks of it in a quick way:

Please note that if you create a Plant block using PLANTPARTCONVERT, that you do not define a connection, the actuator block doesn’t have a connection. The connecting point to the valve is defined by the origin of the AutoCAD block.

*for details, please see:

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    1. AvatarHartmut



      Hi martin,
      The sector “catalog python” is not acceptable.
      Please provide a solution!