Announcing the Reality Solutions SDK

ReCap Pro
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Reality data continues to be an integral part of the workflow that we support here at Autodesk. By making our technology available to partners, we are accelerating our ability to bring solutions to our customers. We’re deepening our engagement with partners to collaboratively solve for the breadth of problems and challenges our customers face.

Big News

Autodesk partners will have access that they didn’t have before. Partners could, for example, read the point cloud format, convert point clouds to meshes, and push the data to BIM 360. This will enable partners to build their own feature extraction solutions, among other solutions, on the SDK.

Starting now, partners can gain access to our RCP point cloud format. This serves as an entry point to Autodesk collections and key products including the Revit® family of products, the AutoCAD® family of products, Civil 3D®, InfraWorks®, and 3ds Max®. Use of the ReCap point cloud format spans across industries from design to construction, manufacturing, and production. All of these essential products access point clouds through the RCP file format.

How do I access the SDK?

Sign up for Autodesk Developer Network. Our reality solutions SDK will be made free to Standard and Professional-level members of our Autodesk Developer Network. Learn more at

Attending AU 2018? Join us for a lively panel discussion where select Autodesk partners will share the business challenges that they’re solving with the Reality Solutions SDK.  See the panel details here.

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