Location and Design: The Unification of What, Where & Why



The fusion of what, where, and why


Look at the key trends transforming the global infrastructure landscape.



Output expected to double by 2025.


13K buildings built per day and still not on pace with demand.

Icon of a building representing urbanization.


200K people moving to cities every day.

Icon of a dollar sign, representing investment.


$3.7T infrastructure spend needed to keep pace with demand.

An icon of the global with lines showing growth.

Population Growth

By 2050, the urban population will increase by 75%.

A New Approach: Integrating BIM & GIS

A traditional view of GIS and BIM has a GIS technology managing capital portfolios while BIM processes are used for delivering capital projects.

What if you could? With Autodesk you can.

What if you could bring different types of information together, including geospatial data, to create an information model that forms the basis for planning, analysis & simulation, sustainability, visualization and more?

Get the Ebook and Discover

Why current ways of working are not keeping pace.

How design and location intelligence can come together for a more holistic view of infrastructure design and development.

Videos that explore use cases across the project lifecycle.

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