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As featured on A360 BLOG – Author: Colin Piper

Fentress and Hennebery Eddy Architects Work as One Team to Improve Passenger Experience at the Portland International Airport


The Portland International Airport (PDX) Terminal Balancing project is being delivered as a collaborative design partnership between Fentress Architects, headquartered in Denver, Colorado and Hennebery Eddy Architects based out of Portland, Oregon. Fentress and Hennebery Eddy worked together as one single design team, enabled by A360 Team, to best utilize the strengths of both firms to deliver a complex public infrastructure project for the Portland International Airport.

“We sit in different locations, being in Portland and in Denver, but really A360 has made us one single office.” – Corey Ochsner, Senior Associate, Fentress Architects

Hennebery Eddy Architects is a 45-person design studio with award-winning architecture, planning and interior design projects throughout the Pacific-Northwest.

Fentress Architects is an international design studio, best known for their innovative design of airports, museums, convention centers, higher education, civic and government buildings.

“A360 Team has been really helpful, not only because we were geographically separated from Fentress Architects, but like all projects, there are a lot of people involved: consultants, engineers, the owner and owner representatives, and our own team here.” – Scott Moreland, BIM Manager, Architect, Associate at Hennebery Eddy Architects

Hennebery Eddy Architects and Fentress Architects used A360 Team and Collaboration for Revit to centralize their two design teams in the cloud. Communication, design reviews, file sharing, version history tracking and model coordination was all done using A360, eliminating the need to physically co-locate the two offices.

“We’ve been using technology, like A360 Team and Collaboration for Revit, to be instantly up to date between the two offices.” – Michelle Vo, Principal, Hennebery Eddy Architects

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