Have You Tried? InfraWorks Vegetation


By Rita Bachkhanji

Bring your InfraWorks models to life like never before! 
Our latest Have You Tried topic is all about Vegetation in InfraWorks. This amazing feature helps fully capture the look, function, and design of your infrastructure projects including roads, highways, or site development. Creating a more complete vision of the model. 

Adding plants, trees, terrain features, and other vegetation generate a landscape appeal to your drawing. InfraWorks 2022 release, offers new 3D ground cover models such as flowers, bushes, and grasses.  
Vegetation feature helps provide stakeholders with a better idea of how their project will look when completed. 

Did you know that Vegetation features in InfraWorks can serve much more than just decorations? They are also used by civil engineers to help identify line of sight issues along roads and railways. Oftentimes, bushes and trees help with noise reduction on the sides of highways and busy roads.  

If you have not yet tried Vegetation in InfraWorks, head over to the  Have You Tried Topic  in InfraWorks to learn more about it.   

InfraWorks Help: Have You Tried? 

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