Introducing ReCap Pro 2021

ReCap Pro

Introducing our newest release of ReCap Pro

Here at Autodesk, we see tremendous value in reality capture. As part of the AEC collection, ReCap Pro – our reality capture software – helps users better understand and verify existing and as-built conditions. ReCap Pro, not only transforms the physical world into a digital asset – whether it’s a building, tunnel, roadway, or an entire city – but it is also used at any point in a project lifecycle, covering an array of applications.

By listening to our customers, we further enhance our products to improve the speed and ease-of-use of many features. Today, our Reality Solutions team is excited to announce the 2021 release of ReCap Pro with a list of new upgrades, including:

Improvements to setting a User Coordinate System

ReCap Pro users no longer have to set the User Coordinate System (UCS) by clicking on a point cloud to select the origin and then clicking on a plane in the point cloud to select xy, yz and xz planes. Now, users can type in these values manually, instead of trying to estimate them visually. Orientation and origin selection are faster and more accurate. This update was made in the ReCap 2020.1 version that was released in November, and is also available in ReCap 2021. More information here.

Enhancements to Project Navigation

We’ve eliminated several clicks from the project overview map and panoramic images navigation process in ReCap Pro. Users will see a new screen that shows Overview and panoramic images side-by-side with concurrent project navigation in either view possible. The new screen also makes orientation a lot easier, in addition to saving click time. Watch this video to see how it works.

“It’s nice to see some new improvement in Recap Pro 2021, The new project navigation tools are very useful on large point cloud, we can slice the point cloud by level and view simultaneously the plan view of the scan location and the real view side by side.”

Mario Laflamme, Development Manager, BBA.

Enhancements to Project Orientation

We’ve added a new compass widget to the overview map that displays N/S/E/W coordinates and the World Coordinate System (WCS) in addition to the User Coordinate System (UCS). Users no longer have to reset the UCS back to the WCS in a dialog when they need to see the WCS setting. Our new compass widget also lets users set the XY axis of their UCS directly in the overview map. Watch this video to see how it works.

Improvements to Image Accuracy

With the new release of ReCap Photo – our 3D photo reconstruction solution included in ReCap Pro – users no longer have to collect nor set Ground Control Points (GCPs) for 3D reconstruction of images taken from drones equipped with Real Time Kinetic (RTK) or Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK) GPS correction technology. Users can take better advantage of RTK/PPK technology in ReCap Photo, resulting in significant time savings. Just as important, the new release provides significant improvements in 3D reconstruction accuracy needed for survey workflows.

Higher Resolution Imagery

Image quality improvement with Recap Pro 2021 for aerial imaging
Image quality improvement with ReCap Pro 2021. Drone image capture by senseFly eBee X Fixed-Wing Drone.

Users can now generate high-resolution orthophotos that match user-specified Ground Sampling Distances (GSDs) regardless of site size. Orthophotos generated for projects of very large sites are now as sharp as desired by the user, up to the resolution of original photos. The result: all ortho images – whether for small or large sites – are now usable in survey workflows, with accurate distance measurements now possible.

Improvements to Scan Import

Users benefit significantly from our added enhancements that improve scan import speed in ReCap Pro by up to 20 percent. With the ReCap Photo service, users can expect a photo reconstruction processing speed of aerial projects that’s about 2x the previous speed.

A 30-Day Free trial is available for our ReCap Pro subscription. See free trial details here

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