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ReCap Pro

Our AEC customers are continuously looking to digitalize their projects and efficiently capture real-world conditions in the best way possible. Based on your feedback and suggestions, we’ve delivered ongoing improvements to Autodesk® ReCap™ Pro software, enhancing your reality capture workflows. You and your teams can rely on ReCap Pro to capture data and generate a more accurate 3D representation of existing conditions, helping you better understand your design challenges and increase efficiency throughout your project lifecycle. 

Today, reality capture gets even better! The Autodesk Reality Solutions team is more than excited to announce their newest release of ReCap Pro 2022. 

Now let’s have a look at the latest and greatest capabilities available in this tool.  

Most exciting feature in this release – Scan to Mesh 

New to ReCap Pro 2022, Scan to Mesh enables you to convert a selected portion of a point cloud into a textured 3D mesh, taking your data one step closer to an intelligent design model. This 3D mesh can be used for early clash detection and more effective project data coordination and verification. And because it is smaller, it makes it more manageable. 

Using Scan to Mesh requires the consumption of cloud credits based on the size of the point cloud and the quality of the textured mesh. For more information, read our FAQ.  

Whats New in ReCap Pro 2022 – Scan to Mesh 

Introducing Autodesk Docs, BIM 360 Docs, and Autodesk Drive – Cloud storage for ReCap Pro 

To offer you a more reliable and robust storage experience, we are pleased to announce that ReCap Pro now supports Autodesk Drive as a replacement for A360 Drive. Users of ReCap Pro can now publish their ReCap Pro projects and 3D Photo reconstruction results in their Autodesk Docs, BIM 360 Docs, or Autodesk Drive account.  

This new integration with BIM 360 Docs and Autodesk Docs allows you to better manage and connect your reality capture data now stored on the same platform with other designs and BIM project data. In addition, since Autodesk Docs is included in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Collection, subscribers to the Collection will already have access to Autodesk Docs without any additional purchase.  

More information about storage offerings with ReCap Pro here.  

Whats New in ReCap Pro 2022 – Autodesk Drive, Autodesk Docs, BIM 360 Docs 

Improvements to viewing ReCap Pro published projects 

With ReCap Pro 2022, you can now view your project in 3D, annotate, and share data directly in Autodesk Docs, BIM 360 Docs, or Autodesk Drive. With this update, you now have the ability to visualize ReCap Pro files as well as other Autodesk design models within one platform – saving you time.  

Learn more about this change, here.  

Whats New In ReCap Pro 2022 – Publish and Viewer 

Enhancements to 3D reconstruction settings in ReCap Photo 

With the significant improvements in ReCap Photo – our 3D photo reconstruction solution included in ReCap Pro – you can now (before processing projects): 

  • Specify ground control points (GCPs) and checkpoints in an arbitrary local coordinate system (XYZ) – providing a higher 3D reconstruction quality.  
  • Determine whether drones were equipped with RTK (Real time kinematic) or PPK (post process kinematic) from the captured images. These specific images have high precision GPS tags and high-quality 3D reconstruction, reducing the time-consuming process of collecting GCPs and then inputting them into ReCap Photo.  
  • Compute the Ground Sampling Distance value (sometimes referred to as “pixel size”) automatically based on the drone’s image resolution and altitude. This results in the best possible orthophoto generated.  

To improve your experience with ReCap Photo, we’ve introduced a new, more flexible Cloud Credit pricing. Moving away from the tiered pricing for the aerial 3D reconstruction feature in ReCap Photo to a simpler, consumption-based Cloud Credit pricing. For more information, read our FAQ

How do I subscribe to ReCap Pro?

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