It’s Infrastructure Week: Time to celebrate civil engineering


Join us in celebrating civil engineering. Infrastructure Week is May 15-19, and we are celebrating innovation in infrastructure projects.  It’s time to share your innovative projects with everyone.

Working on a really cool project? Have you done some amazing things with Civil 3D or InfraWorks, 3DS Max, ReCap or some other Autodesk software and you just have to show someone?  Are the people who work next to you, your significant other, and your dog tired of hearing about it?  Why not share your project in the Autodesk Civil Infrastructure Gallery?

Already a pro at uploading to the gallery?  Then you are set, but if you need a few extra hints on how to upload your project, follow the steps below.

Don’t forget to post about your project in the Gallery using #iheartcivil in your Twitter or Facebook posts.


Pro tips for uploads



Sharing is easy, simply go to  Start by spending some time marveling at what others have posted and maybe even Like or comment on a few projects.



Then it’s time to upload your own project.  Click Sign In and enter your Autodesk login credentials, the same ones you use to log into the discussion boards, or the AU site, or



Then click Create New Project in the upper left panel of the gallery display area.



In the form that opens, give your project a tile and description. Don’t spare a single detail in the description because everyone who views your project will want to know why you did it, how you did it, and what your successes and challenges were.



Then you can click Upload Assets if you have files on your computer for sharing, or Select Existing Assets if you have files stored in A360.

With Upload Assets, you can choose files on your computer or network or provide URLs to a number of video hosting sites including YouTube, Autodesk Screencast, SketchFab, or Vimeo.  There really are a large number of file types that are supported, both 2D and 3D, so try whatever you have. The complete list is jpg, bmp, png, dwg, dwf, fbx, f3d, f3z, stl, 3dm, obj, iges, step, stp, ste.

With Select Existing Assets, it’s especially interesting to note that you can post 360 views and stereo panoramas.  Simply put, there are many ways to show off your work so why not use all of them?

Once you’ve got all your content lined up, click Add Assets.



Once you’ve uploaded or provided URLs to all the things you want to show off, simply choose the appropriate industries, category, and products. If you used other products to complete your project, enter their names in the Other Products Used section.



After that, click Publish, check the box to prove that you’re not a robot, and after being approved by our gallery folks (usually within 24 hours), your project will be there for the world to see.  While it’s in the approval process you can still edit your project and add more stuff.



It’s really easy to publish projects to the gallery and it’s a great way to open the minds of others and inspire them with the possibilities.  And with the ability to like and comment, it’s a great social experience to hear what others have to say about your work and to answer questions for them. We’re really proud of our Gallery and proud of the work that our customers showcase on it.

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