Reimagine Infrastructure Design with The Autodesk Architecture, Engineering, & Construction Collection

AEC Collection

The latest Autodesk Industry Collections have launched with new tools added.  And with Civil 3D at the core of the Infrastructure variant, the Architecture, Engineering, & Construction (AEC) Collection delivers tools that improves planning, design and preconstruction coordination of infrastructure projects.

“The AEC Collection provides a rich set of BIM software and cloud connected tools that extends design workflows beyond traditional approaches for vertical and horizontal infrastructure projects,” says Theo Agelopoulos, Autodesk Infrastructure Industry & Business Strategy Director.  “It allows our customers to maximize the capabilities of Civil 3D for design and documentation by giving them access to InfraWorks and Revit.  With the AEC Collection, customers can then explore more innovative design processes to help accelerate design processes, increase quality, reduce project risks, and positively impact the bottom line of their businesses.”

AEC Collection Project Overviews

Watch these videos to see just how the tools in the AEC Collection help civil engineers deliver better outcomes on roads & highways, land development, and plant design projects.

Design Workflows

For even more specific examples, we’ve collected videos that show how the tools are used for particular design workflows.  For instance, one video shows how ReCap and InfraWorks helps to get a project launched quickly by enabling the creation of a large-scale, intelligent 3D model of a project’s real-world environment.  Other videos present the gains civil engineers can make in bridge design, site and building coordination, and risk management through improved construction simulation.

Move Forward with The AEC Collection

Infrastructure projects today have become more complex.  In addition, more than ever, operational and cost efficiencies are increasingly critical to the success of any project.  In this environment, BIM is the way forward to escape the inefficiency traps of traditional design tools and workflows.

“Using BIM as a planning tool improved our process on nearly every front,” says Kristin Lysebo, BIM Manager for the InterCity-project. “With BIM, we could reduce the environmental impact of our project, optimize designs across disciplines, and increase democracy and transparency in our planning.” (Rambøll Sweco ANS)

The AEC Collection is the most cost-effective and flexible way for you to extend the power of Civil 3D with InfraWorks and Revit, and expand into more advanced design practices with cloud-connected tools and services.  In one place, the AEC Collection delivers the solutions you need to capitalize on more powerful civil engineering workflows, now and into the future.


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