SCODI improves visualization and collaboration on port project


Team delivers the project 20% faster and with approximately 15% in cost savings

Zhicheng Port Engineering is one part of the operation area in Yibing Port, which includes structure frame near the river for boat parking, the operation area for the container terminal, ancillary buildings and access road. With BIM improved the overall project performance with greater accuracy, more visual and high-performance in design work, and improved error checking.

Benefits of BIM in the workflow

Model-based design improves efficient across the project workflow and integrated analysis and simulation helped to improve the accuracy of the designs at each stage.

With InfraWorks the team made it easier for everyone to understand the project.  Presentation to the customer and owner was much simpler because they showed the design intent in the context of the port.

And everyone had access to the models because they rendered cloud service in Revit to overcome limited local hardware capacity issues and that make image generation more efficient and was key to their project time savings.

Additionally, the team was able to use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to optimize the design of the structure frame in the front stage to protect rare fish at the port.


The intelligent modeling environment and easier access to the models improved error-checking. The team used BIM 360 tools and translated paper design work in to digital designs – ones that all partners could check from the internet making model changes and clash detection much more connected.  This resulted 20% faster delivery of the project an estimated cost savings of 15%.


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