Webinar: Dynamo for Civil 3D Transportation & Site Design

Civil 3D

Watch the recording here.


We introduced Dynamo for Civil 3D with the release of Civil 3D 2020. Dynamo for Civil 3D is a visual scripting platform built for engineers, architects, and designers to process simple, repetitive, or complex tasks quickly and efficiently.

By popular demand, Autodesk hosted a live demo of Dynamo for Civil 3D in action – we showed how you can use design automation to expedite site design and transportation design workflows. In this free webinar, we covered:

  • Navigating the Dynamo workspace
  • Introducing the library of nodes and sample scripts available
  • Adding nodes to scripts and linking nodes
  • Customizing scripts
  • Working with external data files
  • Automating transportation design:
    • Highway corridor modeling, placing objects along a corridor
    • Creating objects by region; adding guardrails along a retaining wall
  • Automating site design:
    • Creating access ramps along sidewalks
    • Creating custom point reports

To learn more about Dynamo for Civil 3D, check out our YouTube playlist.

Watch the recording!

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