Making the most of a watershed moment in public funding of water improvement

Meg Riley Meg Riley February 17, 2022

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Earlier this month, Amy Bunszel, Autodesk EVP of Architecture, Engineering, and Contruction Design Solutions, published an article for Civil + Structural Engineer to share her thoughts on how to make the most of a watershed moment in water infrastructure. She’s referring to the practically-unheard-of trillion-dollar investment the US has recently made in its water.

The legislature recently passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), which encourages utilities across the country to utilize $1.2 trillion of funding to improve water infrastructure and public and environmental health.

Digital asset management enables real-time insights and predictive maintenance capabilities to ensure safe and reliable service for the public. Technology can help communities simulate the effects of too much or too little water and develop design alternatives to avoid those challenges.

Amy Bunszel, Autodesk

In order to leverage the funds wisely, utilities must prove that the money will be used to improve water quality, save costs, and increase productivity from design and planning to construction, operations, and maintenance. With the right software tools, built specifically for the water industry and with water experts in mind, all of this can be achieved.

What’s possible – and how should you approach it?

What’s possible with the bill? David Totman, VP of Asset Management, sat down in a recent Water Talk to talk about the history of related regulations, breaking down the plan’s language to understand how utilities can structure a successful grant application to take advantage of these new funds.

David Totman digs deep into the new infrastructure bill in a recent Water Talk

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