Water Talk next week: California’s new sanitary sewer regulations

Eric Suesz August 19, 2022 1 min read

Regulatory changes within the water industry in the US sometimes come from Washington, DC, but when California makes a regulatory move, the rest of the country sits up and notices. And they often follow California’s lead.

“The 2022 proposed update to the Statewide Waste Discharge Requirements under the General Order for Sanitary Sewer Systems is very comprehensive,” says our own David Totman in his recent post about this new general order. “And, at first look, it may seem quite daunting. But when you break it down into its elements, it can be achieved with current standard industry practices.”

Join Totman in our next Water Talk, “New World Order for California: How to Prepare Your Response to New Requirements”, where he will break it down for you. What’s in the measure? What does it mean for utilities? How can they be most prepared for more stringent asset planning requirements? Sign up today and let us walk you through what you need to know to be prepared.

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