A Stormies Guide to InfoWorks ICM: free learning series

Eric Suesz Eric Suesz September 2, 2022

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If you’re looking to get started with InfoWorks ICM, we have some good news. We designed a series of videos for stormwater experts that is completely free and open to everyone.

This is a great way to quickly learn the details of InfoWorks ICM from someone who knows the app inside and out, stormwater engineer and InfoWorks ICM Product Manager Sophia Buchanan.

You can watch the course right here – or head over to YouTube and bookmark the playlist.

Download the course files

Before you begin the tutorials, you’ll want to download this folder of accompanying files and install them on your computer so you can follow along with Sophia and get hands-on experience with the app yourself. In this oflder, you’ll find data files and a step-by-step PDF manual for the course to help you follow along.

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