Introduction to InfoDrainage: free learning series

Eric Suesz October 6, 2022 1 min read

Are you looking to learn how to get started with InfoDrainage? We’ve created a series of videos for drainage design that is completely free and open to everyone. The course focuses on pipe design, simulation, and results analysis, with a special focus on representing SuDS.

If you’ve been a user of the legacy product MicroDrainage, you may feel right at home in InfoDrainage. In fact, if you still have old MicroDrainage models, you can import them into InfoDrainage. But you don’t have to bring anything to this course. Anyone new to drainage design can benefit from it.

You can watch the course right here – or head over to YouTube and bookmark the playlist.

Download the course files

Before you begin the tutorials, you’ll want to download this folder of accompanying files. Then, set up a separate directory by uploading this “data” folder to your computer so you can follow along. This course was recorded using InfoDrainage 2021.5, but any recent version of the software should work just fine.

Introduction to InfoDrainage

Video 1 | Navigation and Background Data

Video 2 | Model Build

Video 3a | Model Pipe design

Video 3b | Model Pipe design

Video 4 | Data Import

Video 5 | Limit of Discharge

Video 6 | Pond Design

Video 7 | SuDS design

Video 8 | Data export

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