The InfoCare to Subscriptions (I2S) program

Eric Suesz Eric Suesz December 8, 2022

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We’re making changes to the InfoCare support and maintenance program, and we want our customers to know what to expect.

Beginning February 7, 2023, we will end multi-year renewals of InfoCare, site licensing agreements, and end the sale of multi-year floating licenses for legacy Innovyze products.  

From InfoCare to Autodesk Subscriptions

Beginning on May 7, 2023, we’ll be instituting the InfoCare to Subscription (I2S) program. Our intention is to create an attractive, cost-effective way for customers to migrate from legacy Innovyze perpetually licensed products with InfoCare agreements or floating Innovyze subscriptions to more flexible Autodesk subscriptions with straightforward packaging – and all the convenient subscription administration tools offered with Autodesk subscriptions. 

Got questions? We’ve got answers. 

For many customers, this will probably be an easy decision. The I2S program enables you to trade in your fixed or floating licenses covered under your InfoCare agreement (as well as floating Innovyze subscriptions) at the time of renewal for an Autodesk subscription in the same product family at an attractive price. Even better, we’ve set out predictable pricing through 2028 for the licenses you convert to subscriptions so you’ll be able to plan far into the future. 

But what about you, specifically? We’ve assembled a definitive FAQs about InfoCare to I2S  and a full list of products that are eligible for conversion that should answer all of your questions. But even if they don’t, we’re available to help guide your decision and answer questions before the program begins phasing in on February 7, 2023.

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