InfoWorks ICM Basics video tutorial series

Eric Suesz January 20, 2023 2 min read

This tutorial series provides a fast way of getting to know InfoWorks ICM and learning how to use its basic features. It uses a simple example to guide you through the main aspects of the software, showing you how to:

It also demonstrates the options that are available for investigating the data held in your network and the various methods for selecting network objects. A number of the GeoPlan facilities are also described and illustrated. This tutorial also shows you how to add new objects to a network, fill in gaps in the data, simplify a network and compare one network with another, transfer data between networks, and export part of a network in standard file formats.

How to get the most out of this tutorial

Help site: Opening the example database.
Help site: Importing data via ODIC
Help site: Importing from CSV
Help site: Moving around in the GeoPlan tool
Help site: Creating selection lists
Help site: Creating selections with SQL
Help site: Tracing the connectivity
Help site: Working with grids and property sheets
Help site: Working with background layers
Help site: Working with themes
Help site: Adding nodes and links
Help site: Creating poylgons
Help site: Creating sub-catchments
Help site: Editing network objects
Help site: Pruning the network
Help site: Merging similar links
Help site: Comparing networks
Help site: Copying data between networks
Help site: Inferring missing data
Help site: Applying engineering validation
Help site: Importing event data
Help site: Validating the network
Help site: Committing changes to the network
Help site: Running simulations
Help site: Viewing text results
Help site: Viewing results in GeoPlan
Help site: Viewing results in Long Section view
Help site: Viewing results in other views
Help site: Exporting network data
Help site: Controlling a pump
Help site: Switching off a pump
Help site: Editing an RTC scenario

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