Upcoming Water Talk: avoiding disastrous SSF results

Eric Suesz Eric Suesz February 5, 2023

1 min read

New users to InfoWorks ICM should feel comfortable navigating, creating, and running collection system models. But what happens if you get stuck?

Join us next week on February 14 (Valentine’s Day!) for our next Water Talk, Troubleshooting Tips to Avoid Disastrous Storm, Sewer, and Flood Modeling Results. We’ll talk about the worst kind of disaster – when your flood modeling results simply don’t make sense.

We’ll show you common mistakes people make when creating their storm, sewer, flood models; give you a few important best practices to help you avoid unexpected results; and show you how to troubleshoot your model when you hit a roadblock.

This session is a great way to quickly learn the details of InfoWorks ICM from two experts who know the software inside and out: Systems Engineer Ryan Brown and Solutions Engineer Tim Medearis. You’ll never get stuck again.

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