Podcast: Colby Manwaring talks about the digital twin revolution in water

Eric Suesz Eric Suesz April 21, 2023

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This week, Colby Manwaring is a guest on the Geotechnical Engineering Podcast. Host Jared M. Green asks Colby about how digital technology is transforming the way water systems are designed, analyzed, simulated, and managed.

Naturally, the talk turned to digital twins and how the industry is just scratching the surface of how useful a true digital twin can be in now just running a water operation but providing data-driven insights. As Colby says, the goal is to “let everybody, from the user to the manager to the public official, understand what’s happening at their water utility in real time.”

What’s the ideal future for digital twins? An excerpt from the podcast.

Like what you hear? Listen to the entire episode.  

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