• The Innovyze Feedback Portal: the new place to drop your product ideas

    At Autodesk, we believe in the power of collaboration and the invaluable insights that our customers bring to the table. Last week, we told you about the Autodesk Research Community, which is a good way to provide feedback across all Autodesk products and services. This week, we’re excited to announce a new initiative that empowers […]

  • Webinar: iAgua & Canal de Isabel II

    We recently organized a webinar with iAgua (article also available in Spanish) to discuss in depth the digitalization of the water industry. The event was organized to show how technological innovation is transforming water management in municipalities, which often comes not just from within their organization but also through work alongside their consultants and contractors. The webinar […]

  • Podcast: Colby Manwaring talks about the digital twin revolution in water

    This week, Colby Manwaring is a guest on the Geotechnical Engineering Podcast. Host Jared M. Green asks Colby about how digital technology is transforming the way water systems are designed, analyzed, simulated, and managed. Naturally, the talk turned to digital twins and how the industry is just scratching the surface of how useful a true […]

  • Jacobs engineered a SuDS-friendly, sustainable, flood-resistant amphitheater for Sidmouth. It’s beautiful.

    In the town of Sidmouth on the South West coast of England, Jacobs, a leading technical consultancy, not only designed a flood alleviation scheme that protects residents and properties but created an innovative, unique, impeccably sustainable, dual-use amenity for residents. The Sidmouth area has a long history of flooding from sea, river and stormwater, with […]

  • The Water Gap: A new, simplified way of thinking about the world’s water problems

    As we all know, the first step in solving a problem is understanding the scope of the problem. But getting a good understanding of the state of the world’s water problems can be a daunting task. The UN has led the way in collecting data around water and sharing it as broadly as possible to […]

  • Rogers-O’Brien combined a drone with InfoDrainage to solve a problem quickly – and very accurately

    We need you to come back to the site. There’s been some flooding. No general contractor wants to find a message like that in their inbox half a decade after wrapping up a construction project. But a representative from Magnolia Montessori was indeed coming back to Rogers-O’Brien (RO). They were concerned because water was ponding […]

  • Protecting Florence’s past from the future

    What do Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Machiavelli, Raphael, Galileo, Brunelleschi, and Botticelli all have in common? They all, at one point, lived in Florence, Italy. Home to the powerful and beneficent Medici family, this Renaissance city located beside Tuscany’s longest river, the Arno, has long been a wellspring of art and culture. But it’s also […]

  • RAFTS in InfoWorks ICM Learning Series

    XPRAFTS has served the Australian stormwater industry well for over 45 years, and part of its usefulness is that it includes methods recommended by the Australian National Guidelines (most recently revised as ARR2019). Originally developed in the mid-1970s, Rafts as a program was around on MS-DOS in the 1980s. XPRAFTS was rewritten for Windows beginning […]

  • Watch the Water Talk: Troubleshooting tips to avoid disastrous SSF results

    The latest Water Talk video is now available on our YouTube channel. Subscribe and hit the notification bell to be alerted as soon as each Water Talk has been uploaded. For this one, Systems Engineer Ryan Brown and Solutions Engineer Tim Medearis showed you common mistakes people make when creating SSF models. They went through lots of workflows […]

  • Upcoming Water Talk: avoiding disastrous SSF results

    New users to InfoWorks ICM should feel comfortable navigating, creating, and running collection system models. But what happens if you get stuck? Join us next week on February 14 (Valentine’s Day!) for our next Water Talk, Troubleshooting Tips to Avoid Disastrous Storm, Sewer, and Flood Modeling Results. We’ll talk about the worst kind of disaster […]