• water treatment plant

    Watch the Water Talk: Info360 Plant demo

    Our latest Water Talk centered on our new Info360 Plant. This product is available now, but this was the first time many had a chance to see it in action. Did you miss it? You can watch it right here.

  • water treatment plant

    Upcoming Water Talk: Info360 Plant unveiled

    We’re excited to share a live demo of our newest SaaS-based platform, Info360 Plant. This product is already available, but you may not have seen it in action yet. This is your opportunity to see how it works.

  • qatar skyscrapers

    SEERO: growing their use of InfoWorks ICM as they grow their business

    This week, we’re delighted to be publishing a brand-new case study that features one of our customers in Qatar, SEERO. The story focuses on their work preparing for the FIFA World Cup, which officially kicks off in a matter of weeks, as well as on Qatar’s bold architecture and landscaping plans, which relies heavily on […]

  • map of water pipes

    Watch the Water Talk: using system curves to better understand your pumps

    Another fortnight, another Water Talk. This time around, we talked about system curves. These are essentials that every modeler should know to understand why pumps do what they do. Our own Patrick Moore leads the way in this Water Talk, talking about system curves, boundary conditions, and how modelers can use system curves to understand […]

  • Introduction to InfoWater Pro: free learning series

    InfoWater Pro is a powerful application made for ArcGIS Pro-loving water professionals. If you’re just getting started and need tutorials to show you the way, this post is for you. We’ve created this series of videos for InfoWater Pro, and it’s completely free and open to everyone. Who uses InfoWater Pro? InfoWater Pro is typically […]

  • water utility plant illustration

    Upcoming Water Talk: understanding sytem curves to better understand pumps

    Do you know how and where pumps are operating within your hydraulic model? These are essentials that every modeler should know to understand why model pumps do what they do. Join us next week on October 18 when we’ll talk about how you can utilize system curves, a feature within Innovyze software, to better support […]

  • Introduction to InfoDrainage: free learning series

    Are you looking to learn how to get started with InfoDrainage? We’ve created a series of videos for drainage design that is completely free and open to everyone. The course focuses on pipe design, simulation, and results analysis, with a special focus on representing SuDS. If you’ve been a user of the legacy product MicroDrainage, […]

  • Watch the Water Talk: Optimatics Optimizer + InfoWorks ICM

    In our latest Water Talk, our friends at Optimatics and Jacobs Engineering joined Ryan Brown to share an overview of using Optimizer with InfoWorks ICM. Optimatics VP of Strategic Support Andrew Erikson kicks off the Water Talk showing how importing an InfoWorks database into Optimizer can remove the grunt work of a typical trial-and-error modeling […]

  • Water at Autodesk University: Day Three

    We kicked off the day with an 8 am session Info360 Operational Digital Twin for Water. It was the first live demo of the just-released Info360 Plant, and Product Manager Michael Pennell didn’t disappoint. Mike walked the attendees through the Info360 platform, reviewing trends in operational Digital Twins and how we’re moving simulation models to […]

  • Water at Autodesk University: Day Two

    Day Two at AU2022 started with three excellent talks on sustainability, concluding with Catherine Topley of Scottish Canals. It was an inspiring talk about the incredible transformation the canals of North Glasgow has undergone in the last decade. And they did it with help from Innovyze software, draining the canal using sensors and weather data […]