• Is it time for you to make the switch from InfoSWMM to InfoWorks ICM?

    If you’re a long-time InfoSWMM user, have you considered making the switch to InfoWorks ICM? InfoWorks ICM is Autodesk’s flagship product for sewer, storm, and flood analysis. It contains all the tools you need today to undertake basic capacity analysis – and the ability to tackle more complex analyses tomorrow. Now is a good time to […]

  • InfoWorks ICM 2024: A big update with big cloud benefits

    The latest InfoWorks ICM cloud capabilities have already begun creating tremendous impact for our customers, shaping better connected teams and offering multiple simulations in parallel. InfoWorks ICM 2024 can help you stay at the forefront of your industry, supplying you with the tools you need to complete your work efficiently. In this latest release, you will find […]

  • What XPSWMM users who made the switch to InfoWorks ICM no longer need to worry about

    First released for Windows in 1997, XPSWMM aided stormwater and flood professionals to take on the water challenges of the time. Now, 20 years on, the water industry demands modeling solutions that efficiently handle large data sets, that help them crack complex flow conditions across multiple catchments, and that can manage different climate change scenarios […]