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  • Training AI to SWMM: Can AI help predict sewer flows?

    Artificial intelligence appears on the cusp of transforming industries and changing lives at a pace we have never seen before. By analyzing vast amounts of data from sensors and other sources, AI algorithms can detect patterns and make predictions that were previously impossible. This allows us as water professionals to solve complex water problems and […]

  • WEFTEC chat: Easier ways to get data into your system

    Models love data. And, therefore, water modelers love data, too. But they sometimes face challenges with getting information into their water system before being able to organize and utilize it.   As Solutions Architect Javier Cantu told WaterOnline’s Angela Godwin at WEFTEC recently, “only around 5-20% of data being collected is being utilized for decision-making […]

  • AI waves

    AI in water: 10 ways AI is changing the water industry

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is making its mark on the water industry, powering intelligent operations using machine learning to optimize resource use and operational budgets for organizations.

  • A day in the life with predictive control

    In water treatment, a lot of our daily decisions depend on variables that are constantly changing. What the weather is like, whether a pump is out of service and –  perhaps most importantly –  the characteristics of influent waters. Adverse events usually require us to operate our systems in unusual ways. Naturally, our risk-averse instincts may […]