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  • cctv pipe inspection

    Info360 Asset adds UK Condition Standards MSCC 4/5

    Info360 Asset is often used by field crews to work from the field and upload pipeline and manhole CCTV inspections and associated videos and images via a dedicated web portal. We have incorporated support for the Manual of Sewer Condition Classification (MSCC) 4/5 standard in Info360 Asset and made it easier for contractors or field […]

  • info360 asset help

    Getting started with Info360 Asset: a new video playlist

    Info360 Asset is our cloud-based application that helps asset practitioners at utilities and municipalities better manage costly inspection data, use historical and current condition data to monitor and assess condition and performance of their assets, and build models of likelihood of failure (LoF) and consequence of failure (CoF) for renewal prioritization planning. We’re always adding […]

  • Develop your capital and O&M plans with the latest Info360 Asset

    Do you have trouble getting institutional buy-in for getting funds approved for your capital improvement plans or managing operations and maintenance (O&M) budgets effectively? We know that capital planners and O&M managers would like more tools to help visualize the justification of asset interventions they’re proposing. Today, we’re releasing a new update to Info360 Asset […]

  • Water Talk: How the new decision trees in Info360 Asset can help your capital planning process

    We’ve been hard at work on new functionality in Info360 Asset, and we showed off how it works in our most recent Water Talk. We talk about how this feature – and a few others in this latest update – can help you make smarter capital planning decisions. Decision trees are a great tool to […]

  • hydro power water pipes

    5 ways asset management software makes water management easier

    Water utilities that haven’t yet gone fully digital face numerous challenges when monitoring and managing water: ambiguous or disorganized operations management, poor information and data management, and – of course – maintenance issues. These issues compound when there is a limited budget for maintenance. If you find that you continually run up against the problem […]

  • risk assessment

    3 ways to improve your risk assessment strategy

    Do you have a goal to further develop your strategy for pipe inspection, condition evaluation, risk assessment, capital investment, or implementation planning? We have an asset management solution for every utility to help collaborative asset teams deliver actionable asset condition and risk planning in the cloud, enabling more productivity from the field to the office. […]

  • info360 asset screenshot

    The latest updates to Info360 Asset

    Recently, Innovyze hosted a live demonstration of the latest features and functionality within Info360 Asset, our web-based platform for water utilities and consulting firms to use to manage asset inspections and conduct condition assessments, as well as to develop risk models for the prioritization of capital improvements. During the last couple months, we’ve continued our […]