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  • Watch the Water Talk: a culture of continuous improvement with Digital Twins

    Our latest Water Talk, Create Impactful Change within Your Organization by Implementing Digital Twin Technology, is done and gone. But that doesn’t mean it’s inaccessible. We put every Water Talk on our YouTube channel – and right here on the One Water blog. This time around, we talked about Digital Twins. Are there defined standards for […]

  • overhead view of scottish canal locks

    Building Europe’s first smart canal with Autodesk software

    We’re extremely excited to announce the launch of a new film about Europe’s First Smart Canal: The power of Digital Twin technologies Produced for Autodesk by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, the film follows Scottish Canals Head of Engineering Peter Robinson as he paddleboards along the Glasgow canals, talking about the challenges their long-neglected canal routes […]

  • us map made of water droplets

    US water infrastructure needs new policies to match new technology

    Colby Manwaring recently sat down with Todd Danielson, Informed Infrastructure‘s editorial director to talk about how important it is for water industry thought leaders to explain the potential of digital twin technologies to US policymakers who are currently fleshing out the way new funds will be used to shore up the nation’s water policies. As […]