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    Facing rising floodwaters with advanced hydraulic modeling

    It seems that every week, we hear increasingly worse news about flooding: Just a few days ago, Dallas recorded its highest 24-hour precipitation total in nearly 90 years. With bridges collapsing under the weight of floodwaters and the ground unable to soak up excess rainwater in Kentucky, 35 people lost their lives last month. At around the […]

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    The 3 biggest challenges utilities face with their storm, sewer, and flood models 

    Discover the 3 biggest challenges water utilities face with storm, sewer, and flood modeling and how to solve them.

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    MIT Webinar: Building community resilience by reducing sewer overflows and improving flood management 

    For 92% of the world, the highest extreme climate risk comes from precipitation-related events, with most of those driven by rain. If those numbers sound dire, they don’t brighten up when you factor in the infrastructure decline in the US. Thankfully, there are academic voices doing the difficult work of highlighting the challenges and coming […]

  • Water Talk: Modeling Basics in InfoWorks ICM

    Looking for a quick, basic tutorial for InfoWorks ICM? We have lots of great content on our support portal when you want to tackle every step, but sometimes watching over someone’s shoulder is a great place to start. So grab a source of data – a node, boundary, sub-catchment or whatever you have to start […]

  • 5 ways live water modeling helps you make better business decisions

    Utilities and municipalities make significant investments in their development and planning to better serve the residents of their communities. It’s no surprise that they value simplicity and reliability. They not only need to make sure people are safe and happy, they want to be able to optimize performance and increase productivity from their teams to […]

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    9 mistakes we often see in hydraulic modeling

    For over thirty years, Innovyze has helped water distribution, stormwater, and wastewater professionals achieve success with hydraulic modeling projects. In that time, we have seen the same mistakes made over and over. We have designed and built the InfoWorks ICM and WSPro Workgroup architecture so that you don’t have to make these same mistakes again. […]

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    The massive scale of one of the biggest flood mapping projects in Australia

    An ambitious project to roll out one of the largest flood mapping projects in Australia is using InfoWorks ICM for flood modelling and data management. The Tasmanian Flood Map Project, supported by the expertise of WMAwater, SES Tasmania, Indicium Dynamics and Innovyze, will use a modern technology platform and up-to-date methodology to support and benefit […]