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  • Jacobs engineered a SuDS-friendly, sustainable, flood-resistant amphitheater for Sidmouth. It’s beautiful.

    In the town of Sidmouth on the South West coast of England, Jacobs, a leading technical consultancy, not only designed a flood alleviation scheme that protects residents and properties but created an innovative, unique, impeccably sustainable, dual-use amenity for residents. The Sidmouth area has a long history of flooding from sea, river and stormwater, with […]

  • The planet-saving power of ponds

    In the push to save the planet, you might be surprised to learn that the impact of well-funded, centralized, industrial efforts may be outshined by the effects of the humble pond.  Municipalities from Corvallis, Oregon all the way to Wakefield in West Yorkshire, England are praising their local ponds for everything from increasing biodiversity to saving them water. Some […]

  • CSO spills in the UK: how software can help solve this hardware problem

    Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) discharge raw, untreated sewage directly into rivers and seas during heavy rainfall events. This untreated sewage has environmental impacts and poses a risk to public health, depleting oxygen in the water, causing fish kills, and (if it gets bad enough) spreading disease. It’s become a hot-button issue in the UK. Download […]

  • Water: recycled, reclaimed, toilet-to-tap? What are the differences?

    People often use the terms “recycled water” and “reclaimed water” interchangeably. The most inclusive definition of both together would be any water that has been captured after use and then treated and reused, rather than sent directly into natural drainages.  This definition covers everything from reused irrigation water to highly treated, re-purified water that is […]

  • Are you ready to ditch your lawn and save 50,000 gallons of water?

    How much water does the average American home use to water their lawn? Way too much according to the statistics.

  • overhead view of scottish canal locks

    Building Europe’s first smart canal

    When Scottish Canals, Glasgow City Council, and Scottish Water came together to create the Glasgow Integrated Water Management System under the wider umbrella partnership of the Metropolitan Glasgow Strategic Drainage Partnership, they had a radical idea – to turn North Glasgow into a “sponge city”, utilizing long-neglected canals in an ecologically friendly way to absorb, […]

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    The 3 biggest challenges utilities face with their storm, sewer, and flood models 

    Discover the 3 biggest challenges water utilities face with storm, sewer, and flood modeling and how to solve them.