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  • InfoWorks WS Pro 2024: new cloud capabilities, included transient analysis, and more

    The latest update of InfoWorks WS Pro 2024 includes cloud functionalities, surge analysis, and the ability to merge network changes. InfoWorks WS Pro is now a hybrid on-premises and cloud product, available as part of an Autodesk subscription, using a single installer, which simplifies the access to our cloud capabilities. Flexible database storage You can […]

  • SWAN report: What’s driving innovation at water utilities – and what’s inhibiting it? 

    There’s a rising tide of challenges approaching public water utilities. Faced with growing demand, crumbling infrastructure, climate change and a tight labor pool, public utility owners are looking toward smart water technology to help them manage a most precious resource: water.     SWAN’s 2023 report, How Utilities Organize for Digital Innovation, offers great insights into […]

  • InfoWater Pro and ArcGIS dashboards help City of Livonia respond faster to emergencies

    In the depth of winter in January 2018, the City of Livonia, Michigan experienced a master meter failure that caused several water main breaks, closed a major highway, and triggered a city-wide boil-water advisory. Read the case study Read all about a messy water main pipe break in our latest case study and how it […]

  • InfoWorks WS Pro Learning Series

    InfoWorks WS Pro is designed for water professionals to help them assess supply to individual customers. Supply deficiencies or pollution incidents can be investigated and fixed quickly, allowing you to model how best to achieve regulatory standards while continuing to deliver value to customers. We’ve put together this series of learning videos designed by Solutions […]

  • Water: recycled, reclaimed, toilet-to-tap? What are the differences?

    People often use the terms “recycled water” and “reclaimed water” interchangeably. The most inclusive definition of both together would be any water that has been captured after use and then treated and reused, rather than sent directly into natural drainages.  This definition covers everything from reused irrigation water to highly treated, re-purified water that is […]

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    New in InfoWater Pro: Latest ArcGIS Pro support + powerful diagnostic tools

    The latest updates of InfoWater Pro now support ArcGIS 3.0 and improves re-run workflows and hydraulic simulation reporting.  Latest ArcGIS Pro support InfoWater Pro, which is built on top of ArcGIS, is now compatible with the latest ArcGIS Pro. With InfoWater 2023.3, you will model water systems within ArcGIS Pro 3.0. If you prefer to work […]

  • How to run a closed zone system curve analysis in InfoWater Pro

    Do you need to run a closed zone system curve analysis in InfoWater Pro? Occassionally, our support team will hear from customers who are sizing a pump for replacement in InfoWater Pro who have run into an issue when performing a system curve analysis. They receive this error message: “Simulation failed with specific issue(s).” When […]

  • Introduction to InfoWater Pro: free learning series

    InfoWater Pro is a powerful application made for ArcGIS Pro-loving water professionals. If you’re just getting started and need tutorials to show you the way, this post is for you. We’ve created this series of videos for InfoWater Pro, and it’s completely free and open to everyone. Who uses InfoWater Pro? InfoWater Pro is typically […]

  • Drop-by-drop: a thorough approach to mitigating leaks, conserving water, and reducing costs

    In regions with aging and decaying infrastructure, water utilities around the world have been dealing with reducing non-revenue water for decades, particularly the water leakage part. Because leaks continue to occur and grow, finding and reducing leakage is continuous work. Underground leaks can generate high costs for a water utility: treated water is lost, including […]

  • Top 5 common water utility problems – and how they can be solved

    Our own David Totman sat down with Water Online recently to run through the Top 5 Common Problems Utilities Have and a Path Out. A Past-President for the Utility Engineering & Surveying Institute in the ASCE, David is a thought leader with a lot of experience in the industry – and a helpful answer to […]