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  • map of water pipes

    Watch the Water Talk: using system curves to better understand your pumps

    Another fortnight, another Water Talk. This time around, we talked about system curves. These are essentials that every modeler should know to understand why pumps do what they do. Our own Patrick Moore leads the way in this Water Talk, talking about system curves, boundary conditions, and how modelers can use system curves to understand […]

  • water utility plant illustration

    Upcoming Water Talk: understanding sytem curves to better understand pumps

    Do you know how and where pumps are operating within your hydraulic model? These are essentials that every modeler should know to understand why model pumps do what they do. Join us next week on October 18 when we’ll talk about how you can utilize system curves, a feature within Innovyze software, to better support […]

  • Watch the Water Talk: Optimatics Optimizer + InfoWorks ICM

    In our latest Water Talk, our friends at Optimatics and Jacobs Engineering joined Ryan Brown to share an overview of using Optimizer with InfoWorks ICM. Optimatics VP of Strategic Support Andrew Erikson kicks off the Water Talk showing how importing an InfoWorks database into Optimizer can remove the grunt work of a typical trial-and-error modeling […]

  • Watch the Water Talk: a culture of continuous improvement with Digital Twins

    Our latest Water Talk, Create Impactful Change within Your Organization by Implementing Digital Twin Technology, is done and gone. But that doesn’t mean it’s inaccessible. We put every Water Talk on our YouTube channel – and right here on the One Water blog. This time around, we talked about Digital Twins. Are there defined standards for […]

  • inside of a digital pipe

    Upcoming Water Talk: how Digital Twins foster a culture of continuous improvement

    You’ve heard the phrase. You understand the basic benefits. But how do you actually start using Digital Twin technology? Join us on September 20 for the next Water Talk, Create Impactful Change within Your Organization by Implementing Digital Twin Technology. We’ll show you how using digital twin software is not only a representation of a […]

  • checking a water pump

    Watch the Water Talk: Surge analysis in hydraulic modeling

    In our most recent Water Talk, Crystal Broadbent of Hazen & Sawyer shares three unique customer stories to demonstrate the application of InfoSurge with InfoWater Pro. InfoSurge uses transient analysis and modelling to predict how your water distribution network will react to pressure surges or reductions, and to evaluate surge control devices. The Joukousky Expression […]

  • deep inside a sewer

    Watch the Water Talk: how to prepare for new California regulations

    Our latest Water Talk is in the books – but you can watch it right here. The subject was California’s new general order for sanitary sewer systems, which our own David Totman, who co-hosted the talk, has written about recently. As David Totman points out in the Water Talk, the original general order for California […]

  • california water regulations

    Water Talk next week: California’s new sanitary sewer regulations

    Regulatory changes within the water industry in the US sometimes come from Washington, DC, but when California makes a regulatory move, the rest of the country sits up and notices. And they often follow California’s lead. “The 2022 proposed update to the Statewide Waste Discharge Requirements under the General Order for Sanitary Sewer Systems is […]

  • Water Talk replay: Elevate your water operations with powerful data analytics

    In our last Water Talk, Elevate Your Water Operations with Powerful Data Analytics, we talked about how you can use Info360 Insight to turn your live or uploaded data into analytics and really use it to drive your decision-making process. Want to be notified when new Water Talks are available? Sign up here to attend in person or subscribe to […]

  • water sensort data

    Upcoming Water Talk: You’ve hooked up your sensors. Now what?

    Live sensor data is becoming more readily available, which is excellent. But we’ve noticed that some organizations set up their sensors and start collecting data – but then they may do nothing with it. With all of this data at your disposal, why let it go to waste? In our next Water Talk on August […]