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  • GIS data illustration

    Watch the Water Talk: The advantages of using GIS data within your model

    Our most recent Water Talk delves into InfoWater Pro Allocator, an app within InfoWater Pro that automates junction node demand allocation. If you’ve never used it – or never heard of it – it can be a huge time saver. You can load up a GIS data set that you might already have on hand like […]

  • map of water pipes

    Upcoming Water Talk: the advantages of using GIS data within your model

    Have you used the InfoWater Pro Allocator? It’s an app within InfoWater Pro that automates junction node demand allocation that supports ArcGIS Pro Definition Queries. You can load entire GIS data sets, such as all your meter records, and run a simple Definition Query on all of your records, saving you the hassle of manipulating […]

  • civil 3d drainage design map

    Watch the Water Talk: Solving common drainage design challenges 

    Designing drainage gets a little bit harder when you adopt the complexities of green design, have a lot of local standards to meet, or need to translate your designs and show how it’s all going to work to a demanding audience. In our latest Water Talk, Hunter Sparks and Midori Patterson tackled the most common […]

  • Upcoming Water Talk: Overcoming common drainage design challenges

    The drainage design process can be long, challenging, and inefficient – particularly if you need to model in a high-density, urban, underground-infrastructure environment. But with the right workflow, it doesn’t have to be. Join us for our next Water Talk on Tuesday, July 12th. Hosted by Hunter Sparks and Midori Patterson, they’ll be talking about […]

  • Water Talk: How to improve clean water quality with new UDF functionalities

    We’re proud of our Water Talks, especially when new experts on the scene have an opportunity to share their industry insights. Software engineers Youssef Al Fahham, Nathan Gerdts, and Susana Betts took the main stage of Zoom recently to share how water experts can improve water quality in their community with new UDF functionalities inside […]

  • Upcoming Water Talk: InfoWater Pro’s new unidirectional flushing functionality

    If you’ve ever unscrewed your bathroom faucet’s aerator screen to clean out hard water sediment deposits, you know that simply pulling it out, turning it around, and rinsing it under water does wonders. What a difference approaching the problem from a different angle makes. So it goes with all manner of pipes. Moving away from […]

  • emergency response map

    Water Talk: how to develop innovative emergency response plans

    We host a new Water Talk every fortnight, and it was a relief to take a break from talking for a change and let our friend Susan Knepper from OHM Advisors tell their story during this most recent one. She went over past emergency scenarios and how the folks at OHM Advisors responded. It was […]

  • water speech bubble

    Upcoming Water Talk: innovative emergency response plans

    Service disruptions are inevitable, but with the right technology and strategic planning, cities can prepare for these disruptions. We’ll be talking about a great example of a city that’s doing just that with Susan Knepper of OHM Advisors. She’ll be chatting with Autodesk’s own Tim Medearis to explore innovative examples of water officials using InfoWater […]

  • AI waves

    AI in water: 10 ways AI is changing the water industry

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is making its mark on the water industry, powering intelligent operations using machine learning to optimize resource use and operational budgets for organizations.