• InfoWater Pro and ArcGIS dashboards help City of Livonia respond faster to emergencies

    In the depth of winter in January 2018, the City of Livonia, Michigan experienced a master meter failure that caused several water main breaks, closed a major highway, and triggered a city-wide boil-water advisory. Read the case study Read all about a messy water main pipe break in our latest case study and how it […]

  • InfoWorks ICM Basics video tutorial series

    This tutorial series provides a fast way of getting to know InfoWorks ICM and learning how to use its basic features. It uses a simple example to guide you through the main aspects of the software, showing you how to: It also demonstrates the options that are available for investigating the data held in your […]

  • Watch the Water Talk: Can Your Water Distribution Model Handle the Pressure?

    Our first Water Talk of the new year, Can Your Water Distribution Model Handle the Pressure?, talked about how you can properly differentiate customer water use from water leakage in water distribution models. Before the event began, we asked participants to weigh in on a few subjects. First, it’s clear that a lot of people are […]

  • How to use Australian Rainfall and Runoff Guidelines (ARR19) in the latest InfoDrainage 2023.2 release

    The Australian Rainfall and Runoff Guidelines (ARR19) are critical in providing reliable flood risk estimates to ensure infrastructure is designed well to keep communities safe and environments protected.  The addition of ARR19 in the latest release of InfoDrainage means Australian designers, engineers, and planners can streamline their drainage design processes for land development, major infrastructure, […]

  • InfoWorks WS Pro Learning Series

    InfoWorks WS Pro is designed for water professionals to help them assess supply to individual customers. Supply deficiencies or pollution incidents can be investigated and fixed quickly, allowing you to model how best to achieve regulatory standards while continuing to deliver value to customers. We’ve put together this series of learning videos designed by Solutions […]

  • London wants more SuDS. Here’s how Arcadis is helping them calculate SuDS ROI.

    As the pressures of urban growth and climate change continue to pinch urban centers, the calculation of return on investment and financial viability for long-term resilience strategies will become an essential element for infrastructure management. Perhaps more to the point, calculating your return on investment in SuDS is important if you want to change the […]

  • Water: recycled, reclaimed, toilet-to-tap? What are the differences?

    People often use the terms “recycled water” and “reclaimed water” interchangeably. The most inclusive definition of both together would be any water that has been captured after use and then treated and reused, rather than sent directly into natural drainages.  This definition covers everything from reused irrigation water to highly treated, re-purified water that is […]

  • Upcoming Water Talk: Can you handle the pressure?

    Join us for the first Water Talks of the new year next Tuesday, January 17: Can Your Water Distribution Model Handle the Pressure? We’ll show you how to properly differentiate customer water use from water leakage in water distribution models. Host Midori Patterson will talk to Shawn Huang and Felipe Hernàndez about leaks, bursts, and […]

  • Ross Valley Sanitary District: from cease and desist to solid asset management

    Way back in 1899 – a decade after hydraulic mining was outlawed in California and the Gold Rush had completely petered out – the Ross Valley Sanitary District was established. It’s one of the Golden State’s oldest sanitary districts. Located in Marin County, RVSD serves the hilly communities of Sleepy Hollow, Fairfax, San Anselmo, Ross, […]

  • What we learned at Melbourne Digital Water Day

    Data, predictive modelling, AI, automation, and other digital technologies are providing solutions to the biggest challenges facing Australian water utilities, ensuring their assets and communities can remain safe, efficient and cost-effective.   At Autodesk Digital Water Day, held in November 2022 in Melbourne, leaders from across the water sector explored the impact of digitisation and exactly […]