• water sensort data

    Upcoming Water Talk: You’ve hooked up your sensors. Now what?

    Live sensor data is becoming more readily available, which is excellent. But we’ve noticed that some organizations set up their sensors and start collecting data – but then they may do nothing with it. With all of this data at your disposal, why let it go to waste? In our next Water Talk on August […]

  • GIS data illustration

    Watch the Water Talk: The advantages of using GIS data within your model

    Our most recent Water Talk delves into InfoWater Pro Allocator, an app within InfoWater Pro that automates junction node demand allocation. If you’ve never used it – or never heard of it – it can be a huge time saver. You can load up a GIS data set that you might already have on hand like […]

  • Webinar: Take your water distribution to the next level

    Innovyze, an Autodesk company, presented a webinar on the benefits of digital twin technology for the water industry. Watch the replay.

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    Storing your data in the cloud is safer than you think

    I’m curious to know: Where do you do your personal banking? I, for one, am more comfortable with my own hard-earned money being stored in the cloud than tucked under my mattress. And it seems I am one of almost 2 billion people using online banking, globally. My question is: If we are comfortable having […]

  • map of water pipes

    Upcoming Water Talk: the advantages of using GIS data within your model

    Have you used the InfoWater Pro Allocator? It’s an app within InfoWater Pro that automates junction node demand allocation that supports ArcGIS Pro Definition Queries. You can load entire GIS data sets, such as all your meter records, and run a simple Definition Query on all of your records, saving you the hassle of manipulating […]

  • civil 3d drainage design map

    Watch the Water Talk: Solving common drainage design challenges 

    Designing drainage gets a little bit harder when you adopt the complexities of green design, have a lot of local standards to meet, or need to translate your designs and show how it’s all going to work to a demanding audience. In our latest Water Talk, Hunter Sparks and Midori Patterson tackled the most common […]

  • autodesk university

    Register now for Autodesk University 2022 

    From big ideas to better workflows, the Autodesk University (AU) community came together virtually in 2021 to learn new skills, explore new approaches to shared challenges, and step into the new possible.   Innovyze made its debut on the virtual main stage last year with the announcement of Info360 Asset during the General Session Keynote and […]

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    The 3 biggest challenges utilities face with their storm, sewer, and flood models 

    Discover the 3 biggest challenges water utilities face with storm, sewer, and flood modeling and how to solve them.

  • Déjà vu: California, it’s your turn

    There's a new general order for California water. How can Innovyze software help you adhere to the new order?

  • Upcoming Water Talk: Overcoming common drainage design challenges

    The drainage design process can be long, challenging, and inefficient – particularly if you need to model in a high-density, urban, underground-infrastructure environment. But with the right workflow, it doesn’t have to be. Join us for our next Water Talk on Tuesday, July 12th. Hosted by Hunter Sparks and Midori Patterson, they’ll be talking about […]